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The Benefits of Using a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is a big deal! There are millions of details that make a wedding stand out from the rest. Your wedding day is supposed to be magical but after months of planning and anxiety when you go the do-it-yourself route you literally feel like “Thank goodness that’s over”, as you wipe the sweat from your brow, storm down the aisle and get out of dodge as soon as you can.

The term “bridezilla” is really an unfair moniker when applied to any bride that is trying to go it alone in the planning department. If you are a bride that has the luxury of not having to hold down a job then you may be in luck and may just be able to handle all the planning without professional help.

If you do have a job, responsibilities or a social life, then you might want to get some help on board. You are not supposed to feel glad that your wedding is over, but it can be hard not to feel a sense of relief when you have slaved to pull it all together on your own. It really can take the joy right out of the wedding for you. Of course a wedding planner with the right experience will reduce your level of stress but more importantly will also make your wedding day a day of magic for you.

Cost Effectiveness of a Wedding Planner

How many people do you know that work in the wedding industry? 5? 10? 100? Most people will know about 5 or less. You do not have to have an inside connection with the wedding industry to use a wedding planner and to get special pricing.

The wedding industry and people that cater to it make up a multi-billion dollar per year industry. Many of the costs are deeply inflated when it comes to a bride doing one-on-one business with anyone in the industry. A wedding planner is comparable to having a connection in the industry; you get professional advice and all the juicy discounts that they can muster for you.

A lot of couples make the mistake of thinking that doing the planning themselves will save them money, but the reality is in the end it winds up costing more not only in money but in frustration.

Sometimes it really is not what you know but who you know that matters. A well connected wedding planner can easily help you plan the wedding of your dreams within your budget. They do all the leg work for you to find the best pricing and the most cost effective way for you to have your dream wedding. Unless you really have a sister in the industry that can call in some favors you are not going to find a more cost effective way to throw the event of a lifetime.

The Wedding Planner Experience

How many weddings have you planned? 1? 5? 25? An experienced wedding planner knows what works and what is not going to work and they will be frank and upfront with you about your options. You can benefit from the experience of a wedding planner.

Most brides that planned their own weddings have a litany of “I wish I would not have done that” because until you make the mistake you do not know it is a mistake. Of course making a mistake at a once in a lifetime event is a little different then getting a bad haircut. The beauty of using a wedding planner is that you will not have that long laundry list of mistakes you made in your planning.

A Wedding Planner Keeps the Arguments to a Minimum

Let’s face it, the idea of getting married is stressful for everyone. No matter how in love you are, you are in the middle of a huge transition just like your partner. The stress level is high enough, the last thing you need is more stress of worrying about planning an event. A lot of couples find that the time leading up to the biggest day of their life is very stressful because there is so much pressure. Planning a wedding means meeting certain deadlines, making phone calls, making arrangements; it is just one big stressful event.

When you combine the natural stress that is already present from making the transition from single to married with the stress of trying to plan a wedding, the blame game starts. You know that game, where one partner blames the other for forgetting to do something and the bickering begins.

It is not the best way to start a marriage. A wedding planner can help to keep the arguments at bay by taking the “you were supposed to do this” out of the equation.

You Are Always In Control

A lot of couples want their wedding to be unique to them as a couple and feel personal, so they assume that they have to take the weight of the planning on themselves. This misconception comes from the idea that when you have a wedding planner in your corner that there is a somewhat of a “surprise” element to your wedding.

A wedding planner that is experienced is there to facilitate your vision. You are in control of all the important choices. You have the final say in how your wedding will play out. It never stops being your event. A wedding planner is a facilitator that provides professional advice, uses their vast network of industry insiders to keep you on budget and ensures that everything comes together the way you envisioned your wedding to be.

Your wedding will be one of the most important events of your lifetime! Having a professional in your corner that can provide you with advice when you need it and take the stress out of the planning means you are free to enjoy the process and most importantly, enjoy the event. Have the wedding of your dreams with the assistance of a professional wedding planner!

Please feel free to connect with us for further assistance, or if you have any questions.

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